Maybe you've been thinking about getting into CPA Marketing for a while now, or perhaps you're already making some money with cost-per-action. If not, then you are missing one of the most lucrative boats to come along in internet marketing for years.

Making money with CPA is all about controlling the attention of your prospects, and pushing them into your sales funnels.

You've probably seen the classic email submit campaigns where you can "Win A $1000 Gift Card" just for entering your email address into a form. That's CPA. You earn a commission every time the end-user takes that specific action.

Until now though, it was like cutting teeth getting people to part with this kind of personal information.

Free downloadable reports used to work, but people just don't seem to care about free information anymore.

Nowadays, you need a way to basically hold your traffic hostage - virtually forcing them to complete your CPA offers ... causing an avalanche of cash to flood into your bank account. That's where Content Lock Pro comes in

NB! Click here before reading on if you're new to Content Locking and/or Affiliate Networks. We've prepared a quick intro for you to help you understand the basics of it all.

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window

Remember when you were a kid? You'd see something in the window of your local store that was so appealing - you absolutely had to have it. Whether it was a toy, clothes, a comic book, a pet, or whatever - You didn't care how much it cost ... you just knew that you needed it.

You would do absolutely whatever it took to acquire that item. When you provide that kind of content to your users, and protect it with Content Lock Pro - your traffic will almost beg you to let them give you their email address. Of course, with Content Lock Pro you are NOT just limited to email submits. You can make money with toolbar downloads, software, and more.

Basically the only requirement for having success with Content Lock Pro is having "content hungry traffic". How you monetize that traffic is up to you. They'll be more than happy to take whatever action you tell them to in order to receive your VALUABLE content.

We aren't the only ones making money with Content Lock Pro. We have an extremely active member base, and are constantly improving the Content Lock Pro system based on their feedback, observations, and profits.

Here's what some of our users have to say about the cash they've earned with Content Lock Pro:

I was one of the lucky ones who got their hands on Content Lock PRO earlier. I also own BHCB for about 2 years I think but never liked it that there´s only the timer function. And the problem with CPALead, Adscendmedia and the others is that you will have a much lower payout then when you use your own CPA offers.

So Content Lock PRO is just perfect for content locking. A selfhosted locker with postback... What else do you want?

Installation as well as the setup of the lockers itself is very easy, you get many predesigned backgrounds/themes (many for movie and tv niche), you have a good GEO targeting... Really recommended, just get it and see yourself, you won´t be disappointed. I wish you good luck and many sales and thank you for this great product. - Kelly Winston

I was excited when Bryan and Thomas let me get a sneak peek at their new creation Content Lock Pro. I'm no slouch when it comes to content blockers. I have literally tried almost all of them. Up to this point, I was quite pleased with my results with Black Hat Codebreaker. But, content lock pro is so easy to use. AND it made me $1200 in the last 5 days. I am now a convert and lover of Content Lock Pro.

Thanks so much Bryan and Thomas. I now have what I need to take my business to the next level. - Lenny Charles

Great to see your sales going, great product! I was a beta-tester during the initial product test phase. The locker itself pretty much customizable, sizes, fonts, everything that would be needed is there.

Dozens of premade templates, and any amount can be uploaded as well. With postback + the blank referrer option, you can do many submit or other offer types so the low paying offers can go away. Install+setup takes like 10 mins, its really easy to use.

Not to mention if you use a selfhosted content locker and not cpalead, its much more secure at some cases Guys, Thank you for the locker! - Marcus Chan

What Kinds Of Content Works Well With Content Lock Pro

Our users are working in a ton of niches, but some of the more common models that work well with content lockers in general include:

Movies, TV Shows, Games, Music, Ringtones, Software, Apps, And More ...

Basically if it can be put in digital format, and accessed online - You can make money with it!

We packed so many features into our Content Locking Solution that we know you'll have a toolkit that rivals the big boys of CPA marketing. Armed with these tools you too will finally be able to bring home monster affiliate commission checks, and achieve your wildest dreams.

Here's a peek at everything that's included:

*BHCB = Black Hat Code Breaker -  A Popular Alternative Content Locker

We've left nothing to chance here for you. We supply templates for use which can be easily adapted to fit your existing landing pages. We provide all the training you need to achieve your online goals with CPA.

Want to see it all in action? There you go!

Don't Want The Networks To Discover Your Secret Traffic Strategies?

No Problem - Content Lock Pro has a built-in referer blanking option. It can even be safely used if you're employing the dark side of IM, and using blackhat marketing and traffic tactics. We've even got a few ideas for you on that front if you decide to go that route. Either way, when you employ the referer blanking options, your networks can never see where your traffic is coming from. We've just done absolutely everything we can to make it possible for you to totally transform your financial situation with the least work possible

Geo-Targeting allows you to monetize traffic in countries that would normally be impossible. This means you can capture even more revenue than you might with competing content lockers. And since Content Lock Pro operates using your CPA networks postback function - your content will stay locked UNTIL your user completes the offer. That means if you don't get paid - they can't see your content.

Worried that it might be difficult to swap out offers, or rotate them? Don't be - our web-based user interface is even easier to use than Internet Explorer. My 10 year-old was even able to create a well-designed, and functional content lock using this system, so we're extremely confident you will not have too tough a time with it.

In fact, we couldn't have made it any easier for you to create, manage, and deploy tons of content locking campaigns that can turn into auto-pilot income for you with our system. You get everything you need to ensure you are up and running smoothly, quickly, and making money within a couple hours of getting Content Lock Pro.

It's not like other products where you sit around reading for a month, discover it's impossible to implement, or tools have been left out. If you NEED it to make money with content lockers - you'll find it in your Content Lock Pro.

We want you to get started making money immediately, so we've priced this product that has literally made us thousands of dollars internally, and made our customers tens of thousands more at ONLY $97. Of course at a price like that we might as well just be giving Content Lock Pro away. After all, with Content Lock Pro you'll finally be in a position to consistenly make money online day in and day out.

A brighter future awaits ...

Let Content Lock Pro Be The Key To YOUR Financial Future!

NB! Read before you order!

In order to install and use Content Lock Pro, you need your own web hosting account on a Linux-based server that allows PHP 5.3.x and Ioncube Loaders v4.0.10 or newer!.

Most packages (even the inexpensive "shared hosting" packages) of most major web hosting providers will do just fine, however, we only support the following web hosting providers officially:

*** Hostgator ***
(From $3.96 per month. Use Coupon Code CONTENTLOCKPRO for a discount!)

*** x10Hosting ***

*** Site5 Hosting ***
(From $4.99 per month, Free 30-day Trial)

*** DreamHost ***
(From $8.95 per month)

Content Lock Pro ships with Step-by-Step installation videos for the above hosting providers.

Please note - if you do choose to use a hosting provider other than one of the above then IT IS UP TO YOU to make sure that they fill the techical requirements and even though CLP works fine with most, we cannot guarantee Customer Support for questions regarding installation on un-supported webhosts.

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